September 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian


THE CHILDREN have promised that they will:

1. Try their very best to be kind towards other children.
2. Not hurt other children whether they are in or out of School.
3. Not “hit back” if someone hurts them but will ask the person why they hurt them.
4. AND will tell an adult - a teacher or parent - straightaway if someone is hurting or trying to hurt them.

THE TEACHERS have promised that they will:

1. Work hard to make school a safe place where children have the right not to be bullied.
2. Immediately start to investigate when a child says they have been hurt by someone including those incidents out of school time.
3. Support the victims in an appropriate way.
4. Listen to all the children involved in an incident and record what they agree has happened in the “fighting book” for future reference.
5. Inform parents if their child has been involved in fighting or bullying.
6. Ensure that the offender understands what they have done wrong and if appropriate see that the offender is punished.

THE PARENTS need to promise that they will:

1. Not tell their children to ‘hit back’ or “to stick up for themselves” if they have been hurt, but will tell them to ask for the help of an adult.
   Hitting back ALWAYS makes physical confrontation worse.
2. Tell their children to ask the teacher (or other adult) for help if someone hurts them. At Shawclough we deal with the incident when we know
    about it.
3. Report any concerns of the child to school immediately, don’t hope it will go away!

Julia Sandiford-Mitchell