Who do we want our children to be?

Our drivers identify the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences that a great independent learner at our school looks like.

  • Personal, learning and thinking skills

  • Independent enquirers

  • Creative thinkers

  • Reflective learners

  • Team workers

  • Self managers

  • Effective participators

We can't expect children to develop these skills by themselves. We have to teach them what the skills mean and what is required to be able to use these skills appropriately. These skills have to become habit.

Phase 1 - N/R/Yr1 Drivers


In Nursery and Reception, we will introduce the school drivers through dinosaur toys. Each dinosaur will represent a Characteristic of Learning/ school driver. The dinosaurs are introduced one at a time. There are two each for the three areas in Reception and Nursery do one a term. They will hatch out of an egg and then be introduced to the children by name e.g. Triatops. The children will then have a discussion about why he is called Triatops and what being a Triatops will look like in their learning. When the children demonstrate this in their learning they will be able to get the dinosaur they need and have a picture taken for their file. Underneath the picture we will also write what learning has taken place. The drivers will be discussed throughout lessons and continuous provision.


  In Year 1 children move onto the National Curriculum and we have built our curriculum on the skills children need.

Year 1 Drivers

Independent Enquirers

  • Explore

  • Time manage

  • Search for answers

  • Confident

Creative Thinkers

  • Ask questions

  • Test ideas

  • Make predictions

  • Develop ideas

Reflective Learners

  • Enjoy meeting challenges

  • Share ideas

  • Celebrate achievement

  • Meet goals

Team Workers

  • Share resources

  • Investigate ideas

  • Good listeners

  • Thoughtful


  • Engage in learning

  • Keep trying

  • Bounce back

  • Self organise

Effective Participators

  • Initiate activities

  • Seek challenges

  • Can do attitude

  • Risk takers

       Phase 2 - Year 2/3/4 Drivers


Independent Enquirers

  • Independent

  • Investigators

  • Planners

  • Evidence finders

Creative Thinkers

  • Questions

  • Take risks

  • Problem solve

  • Presenters

Reflective Learners

  • Peer teach

  • Set goals

  • Review progress

  • Know how they learn best

Team Workers

  • Co-operate

  • Lead

  • Talker and listener

  • Decision makers


  • Listners

  • Responders

  • Organised

  • Responsible learners

Effective Participators

  • Respects other people

  • Shares ideas

  • Positively engaged

  • Evaluators


Phase 3 - Year 5/6

Independent Enquirers

  • Summarise

  • Independent

  • Make decisions

  • Look for evidence

Creative Thinkers

  • Explore new ideas

  • Share experiences

  • Take risks

  • Problem solve

Reflective Learners

  • Advise others and peer teach

  • Set goals

  • Evaluate

  • Deal with feedback

Team Workers

  • Co-operate

  • Discuss

  • Compromise

  • Organise


  • Manage emotions

  • Listen actively

  • Respond positively

  • Take responsibility

Effective Participators

  • Find solutions

  • Respect other people

  • Engaged

  • Reason