At ShawcloughPrimary School, we believe the development of language and communication skills is of the highest prioity.

In studying English, children develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening enabling them to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate effectively with others.

Our objectives in the teaching of English are:

  • to offer an exciting and accessible curriculum.
  • to develop the skills of each child to the highest level.
  • to nurture confident children who leave the school with an enjoyment of and passion for English


How Reading is Taught

Reading in taught through systematic synthetic phonics. The children are taught in groups reflecting the phase of the phonics programme that they are currently working within.  For more information on the phonics programme we follow click on the link below.

The teaching of reading is supported by a wide range of high quality school and home reading books from publishers such as 'Oxford University Press', 'Pearson' and 'Collins'.

Here at Shawclough Primary we are super proud of the academic achievements of our children. For more information on last years fantastic KS2 results.


Please usethe following links to help your child develop their English skills at home: