Hello everyone,

Obviously I am biased – I believe that Shawclough Community Primary School is a fabulous school.

My name is Julia Sandiford-Mitchell and I am the Headteacher of Shawclough C.P. School. I have been here since January 2008 and I love it.

I love it because the children are fantastic and the staff are amazing. It makes me feel very proud to be part of a community where everyone is valued and cared for, whoever you are. Our school ethos is based around themes of Safety, Trust and Family.

Our children thrive in a caring atmosphere that enables them to learn effectively. This can be seen, not only in English and Maths but also in Art, Music, History, Geography and all the subjects, topics and themes that we teach.

Our children have a wide and varied curriculum, which we believe fosters learning for the whole child. Our children have amazing adventures at places like Healey Dell, the beach, the Sea Life Centre and the Zoo. Our school is surrounded by a beautiful woodland and dens which help develop their  imagination and growing curiosity.

We also have visitors into school to support our learning, such as theatre companies, sports coaches and musicians. For more curriculum information for this term, please see our Curriculum pages for our Phase Theme booklets.

OFSTED last visited us in January 2022. We were extremely pleased with the very positive report we received. If you would like to download a pdf copy of our most recent OFSTED Report, please click below


However, since then we have continued to make significant improvements. Along side our Rainbow provision, we are now proud to be opening our Rainforest provision for children with higher Autism needs. 

Our main aim is a love of life and learning. 
Happiness is the key and our children’s happiness, safety, security and love are at the heart of our achievements for each individual child.

It is very difficult in this short space, to tell you all about our school so please come for a visit. Contact the school office on 01706 647991.