A Vision for the School both Now and the Future

      Education at Shawclough is about children experiencing the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative in writing, art, music, developing their self‑confidence as learners, maturing socially and emotionally and enhancing spiritual and cultural awareness. This School will combine high academic attainment with a broad and rich curriculum. Education will be the fusion of excellence and enjoyment. We believe that children learn better when they


are excited abou and engaged in the activity they are doing; when they enjoy what they are doing they learn to love learning. We will offer every child whatever their own individual characteristics the chance to achieve their full potential, and we encourage all the children to strive for high standards, giving them foundations for future learning, and for success in life. The backgrounds and cultural heritages of the children will be valued and celebrated.

As an education team we will build on and increase our strengths to serve the needs of our children using the skills, knowledge and expertise of everyone associated with the school. This school will drive its own development using self-evaluation to set its own areas for self-improvement recognising that for the sake of our children we can always strive to improve what we are providing year on year.

Learning will be organised to focus on individual pupils’ personal needs and abilities including the way they learn: and we will develop an assessment of learning, which enables knowledge about individual children to inform the way and what they are taught. The children will learn from each other, from adults other than teachers, before school, after school and at other times. We will involve parents, grandparents and lots of others, formally and informally.

We will work with other organisations to provide a range of activities outside the teaching day to help give children pleasure in learning and fun as well as the opportunity to undertake other activity. There will be visits out of school within the school’s large grounds as well as to the local and wider environment which will include an extended visit each year. We will invite visitors to come into school to enrich both teaching and learning.

We will work to ensure that all of the teaching and learning will be of the highest quality. Teaching will be planned and managed so that every child is supported and challenged. Teachers and Teaching Assistants will provide an appropriately modified approach to support those children with additional educational needs including those who are gifted and talented children and children from ethnic minority groups.
All the staff in school will promote and expect high standards of behaviour by teaching, encouraging, praising and monitoring positive behaviour to all children. We will all expect and organise to ensure that the school maintains the highest standards of order. The children will be taught and expected to be self-disciplined.

We will create pathways of sustainable staff development that will encourage each member of staff to personally develop to be the very best that they can. All staff of the School will be supported to ensure that their work/life balance is such that it enhances their opportunity to perform at their best.

The School will build a partnership with parents by giving regular, good information involving parents in their child’s learning and by consulting them on areas for development and by knitting the activities of the school into the fabric of the local community.