Shawclough School Council 

Making our school even better!

Shawclough School Council is an important part of the running of the school.  We work alongside the staff and governors of the school to help change things for the better.  We discuss how to improve all aspects of school and let the voice of the children be heard when important decisions need to be made.  We are involved in the important decisions of school life, such as interviewing new members of staff and fundraising, but also don’t forget the small things that are important everyday in school.  
We have a very important job to do: we take action on things that we want to change. We meet every two weeks to discuss how ours school experience could be even better.  We vote on important decisions we need to make in the meetings, and make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their say.  The School Council representatives are given time in class report back to their class and collect ideas and views from their class mates.  Everyone in school knows they can come to us with their ideas and we will take them to our meetings.  We also have  a suggestion box for everyone to use.