Incredible Years / Webster Stratton Parenting Course in Rochdale

Is an early intervention course for parents of children aged 2-9 years.

By attending the course parents learn to feel more confident in coping with children’s behaviour problems. Parents learn strategies that can help them reduce behaviour problems. They also gain support and an opportunity to look for solutions to behaviour issues through talking to and sharing difficulties with other parents.

The sorts of behaviour problems that Incredible Years can help parents to deal with include:

Behaviour in public places

Not Listening / doing as told

Fights between siblings

Disobedience and attitude

Bedtime problems



Mealtime problems

Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, short attention span



The programme follows the Parenting Pyramid concept, which covers:

Play and the importance of play

Praise and reward

Effective Limit Setting (strategies to manage difficult behaviour, including, house rules and consequences, boundaries, commands, ignoring, time out)

By applying the Webster Stratton Principles from the course you can promote a child’s reading skills, build a child’s self-esteem and confidence, build a parent /carers self-esteem and confidence.

Help a child to problem solve and learn how to regulate their emotions. Help to reduce stress and tension within the home.

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