Music has the power to change lives and at Shawclough we aim to provide high quality Music Education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.
Lessons throughout our school provide opportunities to listen to and appraise different styles of music, sing with increasing confidence, composing music using various instruments and in KS2, reading musical notation. 
Children enjoy performing and composing on a wide range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments such as xylophones, glockenspiels and djembes. There are also opportunities to learn to play an instrument through school, such as Year 3 learning how to play the recorder and Year 6 are currently learning how to play the guitar.
Shawclough also has fun and inclusive in-school rock and pop band lessons from our talented visitors, Rock Steady, for children of all ages throughout our school to become Mini Rockers, Rock Heroes, and Rock Icons. 
Children regularly get the chance to showcase their singing and performing talents during singing assemblies and the end of Autumn and Summer term’s consist of musical performances from various year groups throughout school.