Our aim is to enable all children to shine. Our topics include a variety of subjects to interest our learners, allowing them to become creative thinkers, team workers, effective participators , reflective learners, self managers and independent learners.

To enhance engagement and enjoyment we go on a variety of exciting trips to enrich the topic and add to their life experience.

In Year 4, the children learn to swim and in Year 5 the children take part in bike ability and have the ability to go on our residental trip Robinwood.


  • P.E. Kits are needed in school. A P.E. kit includes a green or yellow t-shirt, black shorts and a pair of pumps.
  • Year 5s need a Games kit on Thursday. A Games kit includes a t-shirt, jumper, jogging pants and trainers.
  • Children with long hair will need to have it tied up and those children with their ears pierced need to be able to remove their ear-rings or have tape to cover them up.
  • Year 4s need a swimming kit on Wednesday. This includes a swimming costume or trunks and a towel.


  • English: spellings on a Tuesday.
  • Maths: mental arithmetic on a Tuesday.
  • Learning Logs: once a fortnight. Dates are on tasks.
  • Reading: At least 10 minutes for 5 days a week AND filling their diary in.
  • Table Cards: Practice at home for 5-10 minutes, 5 days a week and ask their teacher to achieve a sticker when ready.