As a school we celebrated Safer Internet Day, on Tuesday 9th February 2016. On this day the children took part in different activities about how they can ‘play their part for a better internet’, which was this year’s theme.

To celebrate e-safety at Shawclough we invited parents/carers along to school on Friday, 26th February to see some of the children's fabulous work created on Safer Internet Day and a selection of children performed.

As a school we know how important it is to keep children safe in the real world and the online world.On Safer Internet Day we all played a part in promoting a better internet for everyone and we wanted to celebrate our hard work by sharing it.

Safer Internet Day

Unit 1 had been learning about E-safety by listening to the story 'Digiduck's Big Decision'. The story encourages children to think about the choices they make and how they can be kind and safe online. Reception children created iPads and Digiducks using a variety of craft resources.  Year 1 children created be safe posters, wrote our think then click rules and some children took part in the Digiduck dance. We thought they did quacking well!

Unit 2 had been learning how to be SMART through Lee and Kim's magical advenure. They acted out and created a dance based on SID's four top tips to stay safe online. Mr McCraith posted a post on social media to demonstrate how quickly and far an online post can travel to his students. They also created SMART posters, decison wheels and made masks for their drama.

Unit 3 performed the digital breadcrumbs song which helps us to remember to be SMART online. A selection of childen recited their own Esafety poems. Which we thought was a great way to get the Esafety message across! Some children in Unit 3 also acted out an online drama. They also created SMART booklets and positive post its to promote a better internet.

Some Unit 4 children did an excellent job of hosting the whole event and showcasing their online babbles.  This was done through recording themselves sharing their Esafety babbles. They acted as esafety ambassadors through sharing their excellent advice. 

As a whole school we #sharedaheart to promote a better internet for you and me. We tweeted all day making the local news, which made us proud. We hope you like our share a heart clip as much as us.

Our grand finale to our e-safety showcase was our 'Its Not Unusual' e-safety clip. Some children performed it as we all sang along. 

A huge thank you to all parents for supporting the school and attending our E-safety showcase, the pupils for creating and performing fantastically well and finally the Computing Team for organising the event.