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8 June 2017



School Newsletter

8 June 2017

Dear Parents

Letters out this week:

Unit 3 Visit to Neeli Mosque – not by email

Year 5 Concert 5 & 12 July 

Music lessons Autumn Term 2017 Years 2-5 inclusive – not by email

Unit 2 Celebration Assembly 22 June

Year 6 Sleepover – not by email


Amber & Yellow Year 4 children swimming each Wednesday to 5 July 2017 inclusive 

Nursery Last Day of Term 18 July 2017

Phonics Tests for Years 1 & 2 children week commencing 12 June

Road Safety Day – 8 June

Unit 2 Victorian Day – 9 June Robinwood Activity Holiday 9-11 June

Road Safety Theatre Group visiting Year 6 - 12 June

I am sure most of you will have heard by now that our beloved Jeanette Allen sadly died during the half term.  Jeanette will be greatly missed by all of the children and staff and our thoughts and prayers are with her partner and family. We have been informed that the funeral will be on Friday, 16th June.  We will be making arrangements to allow staff to attend and will inform you of this in due course.  We will be sharing memories of Jeanette on Wednesday, 14th June with the children.


· Please ensure your child has a sunhat in school.  Hopefully it’s going to get warmer soon!

· RAMADAN – It is not recommended that children of primary school age should be allowed to fast.  If you are allowing your child to fast at school during the month of Ramadan you will need to speak with Mrs Mitchell beforehand.  This will only apply to children in Year 6 – no other children will be allowed to fast in school. (Even children in Year 6 are too young and obviously this time it will be a very long fast).


The School Crossing Patrol Service has vacancies for patrols in this area – if you are interested in applying the details are on the following link from Monday, 29th May for a period of 3 weeks: 


This weekend we are taking 60 children from Years 5 & 6 to Robinwood Activity Centre.  Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather!!


Please can all library books be returned by Friday, 23rd June 2017.  Remember to look in all those places where books like to hide eg under the bed or in the cupboard.


Please help school by labelling all your child’s clothing and equipment for school.  Should an item be misplaced it is then easy to return it.

Lost property procedure:

  •  If your child’s belongings are labelled and found in school they will be returned directly to them.
  • If any items of clothing are misplaced at lunchtimes they will be put on the nearest coat peg by a Lunchtime Organiser.  At the end of the school day, once most of the children have left the classroom areas, parents can then walk through the school to identify any lost items.
  • In all other circumstances any misplaced items in school will be placed in the ‘Lost Property’ box located in corridor outside the School Hall.

If any parents find their child has taken home another child’s belongings by mistake could they please return the item to school the following day.  


The countdown to Summer Sports Day Event begins.  If anyone is interested in helping on a stall please contact Ayaiz Ahmed, Parent Governor or come along to the next meeting on the 23rd May at 3.30pm in the School Library.  If you have any unwanted gifts you would like to donate as raffle prizes please leave these at the School Office.


Tuesday, 13th June 2017 3.30 pm in the school library


Wear what you want (NO football shirts) and donate chocolate for the tombola at the Summer Sports Day.

Yours sincerely

Julia Sandiford-Mitchell