Our schedule of events for Autumn 2 is below – events are subject to change depending on the situation and local advice regarding Coronavirus

26th November 2020

Nursery, Y1, Y3 and 5C (Cherry) and Absent Photos

1st December 2020

Reindeer Visit

15th December 2020

Christmas Dinner  -  Christmas Jumper Day

18th December 2020

Christmas Parties.

School closes as 1 p.m.




Unfortunately due to staff shortages we have had to go to a sandwich service this week for school dinners. We are adding a jacket potato back in from Monday and hope to offer an additional hot meal choice in the next few days. We are hoping our normal menu will resume on the 3rd December. If this is any different we will let you know on the next school bulletin.


After discussion at Local Authority level with Public Health England it was said in order to reduce possible infection rates Christmas cards should not be brought into school.

We have decided that all of our children will make a Christmas card to bring home so that we can keep up this tradition in a small way


With effect from Monday 30th November we are launching Wraparound Care on SIMs Pay. 

This new product will not only offer you the ability to book Early Start Club and Tea Time Club sessions, it will also allow you to manage your bookings by offering you the ability to cancel bookings made up to 2 days prior to the session.

The new product is quicker and easier to use, with the ability to add multiple bookings at the same time. Please ensure you make your payments at the time of booking. Minus balances will not be tolerated.

In addition, like with School Meals, you can see your current balance from your home page and you can check to see what payments you have made. Your balance will be added to every time you pay money in and debited every time you check out a basket of sessions. Cancelled sessions will be automatically credited back into your balance amount.

Currently only sessions you book and pay for will be down on the Wrap Round Care balance on your home screen. Any we add or amend will not be on the balance and these will be tracked and any payments should be made on the products Tea Time Club Debts or Early Start Club Debts so that we can track these balance separately – we hope shortly that the SIMs Pay team will amend this aspect.

If you are on a voucher scheme or any other sort of payment arrangement you will be charged for all sessions and the vouchers or other discretionary payments will be made through the office, therefore you will always know the balance and be able to see the payments made in the transactions section of your SIMs pay account.

Please ensure you now book through the wrap round care option from the 30th – any issues please contact the office. The new booking facility will be live from the 23rd - please ensure you only book using one of the options now both.


Monday, 7 September 2020

The online admissions system opens for primary school places​​​.​

Friday, 15 January 2021

Closing date ​for applications
Ensure your primary school application is submitted before this date.​ Otherwise you will need to apply for a late application.

Friday, ​16 April 2021

National offer day​.

All admission information for children due to start Reception can be found at




Photos for Nursery, Year 1, Year 3, Cherry Class and anyone who was absent will now be on the 26th November.  If your nursery child does not attend school that day but you wish for them to have a photo taken please contact the school office at office@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk to book a session time (Nursery only)


Please remember that consent forms can be amended at any time, if you wish to do so please contact the office. Our Privacy Notice is on the school website for your information.



We are excited to announce that on the 1st December we are being visited in school by some reindeers – this is a really special start to our Christmas period in school. The children will each get to visit the reindeers in their class bubbles and will learn all about these fantastic animals.


On the 15th December we will be holding our annual Christmas Dinner – children may come dressed in their festive Christmas clothing. All children may have a school dinner on this day, choices will be Christmas Dinner or Cheese and Onion pie. If your child is on packed lunches please go on SIMs pay and order your dinner using the adhoc meal option. Please ensure you have paid for your dinner by the 8th December, meals ordered after this date cannot be provided.


On our last day of school we be holding our Christmas Parties in the morning, the children will get to watch a special online performance of the pantomime Cinderella. Children may come dressed in their party clothes – sensible shoes please! After lunch children will leave at 1pm – please note there is no tea time club on this day.


Two items that we are going to carry on with this year are our popular Christmas Raffle with prizes of a luxury hamper and also the biscuit sale. For anyone that has ever been to Shawclough the chocolate dipped biscuits we sell at Christmas are very popular. We are selling them for £2.50 on SIMs Pay. Put your orders in by the 11th December. Christmas raffle tickets are £1 per strip, prizes will be drawn on the last week of term and winners notified – again please purchase on SIMs Pay by the 11th December. Thank you for your support, these fund raising activities allows us to buy extra things for children during times such as the Christmas Party.



In the event of any family receiving a positive COVID result can you please forward your positive test result by text to our welfare phone on 07563870951.

Please forward all test results through to office@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk. On your first day back in school please report to the school office before going to class. Thank you


If your child is unable to attend school due to self-isolating it is important that they carry on with school work. All children who are off but are otherwise well should access the Oak Academy for work relevant to their school year group. https://classroom.thenational.academy/. The themed booklets that have already been sent home will assist you in finding appropriate topics for your child from the classroom.

In the event that a class bubble closes all work will be set on Google Classroom, as it is for homework. All usernames and password have been emailed home already. Work will usually be set the second day of closure this is to allow time for class teachers to prepare the online teaching for the day. Work us set daily and will usually include English, Maths and some Topic focussed work.  

If you have a question concerning using the Google Classroom or the work set there are email addresses set up for each year group, these are:

YN - asktheteacherYN@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

YR - asktheteacherYR@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

Y1 - asktheteacherY1@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

Y2 – asktheteacherY2@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

Y3 – asktheteacherY3@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

Y4 – asktheteacherY4@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

Y5 – asktheteacherY5@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

Y6 – asktheteacherY6@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk

These are monitored several times through the day during a closure period. If you have problems due to not having a laptop or appropriate devices please email office@shawclough.rochdale.sch.uk and we may be able to assist.

Work that is sent out in a bubble closure if mandatory and the work should be submitted on the classroom. We appreciate home education can be difficult so we ask that you have a go at all the work set. If you need assistance with the work or can’t get through it just email the ‘ask the teacher’ address and someone will contact you to assist.