Thank you to all families who are wearing face masks in school grounds and also arriving on their own to collect children it does help us to maintain a safe environment. Please if you are arriving with a child from High School please can the High School child wait outside the gates to reduce the number of people on site. We would also ask that when waiting you do so in a manner that maintains social distancing. Reception parents please do not enter the gated area in phase 1 until after the Year 1 pupils have entered. Reception start time is 8:45am. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO ACCESS TO THE SCHOOL BUILDING FOR ANY VISITORS INCLUDING USE OF THE TOILETS.

We would also like to remind everyone that the school car park should not be used without a permit.

Our schedule of events for Autumn 1 is below


Year 6 Sats meeting – 8.45 a.m – VIRTUAL VIA POWERPOINT


Year 3 Welcome meeting – 8.45 a.m. – VIRTUAL VIA POWERPOINT


Year 4 Welcome meeting – 8.45 a.m. – VIRTUAL VIA POWERPOINT


Year 2 Welcome meeting – 8.45 a.m. – VIRTUAL VIA POWERPOINT

24th September 2020

Disney Themed Day – See notes below

16th Sept. to 2nd Oct. 2020

Harvest Collection – Please leave donations in the Reception

6th October 2020

Harvest assembly – CANCELLED

16th October 2020

Individual Photographs – Individuals ONLY – No Siblings

13th October 2020

Year 5 Parent Meeting – 1.30pm to 6pm – PHONE CALL

14th October 2020

Year 6 Parent Meeting – 1.30pm to 6pm – PHONE CALL

19th October 2020

Year 1 Parent Meeting – 1.30pm to 6pm – PHONE CALL

19th October 2020

Rainbow Parent Meeting – 2:30pm – 4.30pm – PHONE CALL

20th October 2020

Year 3 Parent Meeting – 1.30pm to 6pm – PHONE CALL

20th October 2020

Rainbow Parent Meeting – 2:30pm – 4.30pm – PHONE CALL

21st October 2020

Year 2 Parent Meeting – 1.30pm to 6pm – PHONE CALL

22nd October 2020

Year 4 Parent Meeting – 1.30pm to 6pm – PHONE CALL



The link for the welcome meetings is below

If you have any questions as a result please email



On Thursday 24th September we will be holding a Disney Themed Day which will include a special Disney lunch and the children being able to attend school in Disney Dress Up. This is to celebrate Mrs. Henry’s retirement as we were unable to do this before summer. Children may come to school in their Disney dress up clothes. Children must arrive in their outfits and remain in them all day – please ensure your child is wearing appropriate footwear – no princess shoes please!! If your child is wearing something they may wish to remove please ensure that this is worn over their own clothes. Due to restrictions in movement of staff around school in the event that you forget anything on that day the office staff will not be able to accept any dressing up or forgotten items on this day so please ensure that you have remember everything before attending school.



Our school photographer will be in school on the 16th October, unfortunately we are unable to offer sibling photos this year as we are unable to accommodate visitors into school. In addition as all the children are in class and year group bubbles in school we will not be doing sibling photos in school either. All children will have an individual photo taken during the day. If your nursery child does not attend school that day but you wish for them to have a photo taken please contact the school office at to book a session time (Nursery only)



Our Harvest Assembly is unfortunately cancelled however we would like to continue to support the food bank especially during these challenging times, therefore a collecting box will be available in the Reception area from Monday. Please place all non-perishable in date items for collection by the food bank. Thank you for your support.



Our parent meetings are scheduled to take place at the end of October. We will not be sending out a written report in Autumn as we have previously done as we are still assessing where the children are but we will be scheduling parents appointments as normal during the first half term.

Each family will be able to book a 10 minute appointment to discuss how your child has settled into their new class. All bookings will be via our Parents Evening System and links will be sent out. Please note appointments will be no longer than 10 minutes. Appointments will be booked for a specific time however due to the unpredictability in calls your call maybe 15 minutes either side of your appointment time. If you miss your call no alternative can be offered and appointments are only available on the allocated day as staff have been released for this time. The dates for meetings are listed above. This is for Rainbow and Y1-Y6 only. Nursery and Reception will have a separate call throughout the year.



For those in Y6 unfortunately our postponed Adventure Week has now had to be cancelled as many of the venues have still not reopened. Monies will be refunded, minus any outstanding debts, over the next couple of weeks. Please be patient as we do this as it does take time.




The nasal flu spray is being offered in school again this year. Every primary school child in England is being offered this.

We need you to tell us if you would like your child to be vaccinated. It is really important that you return your child’s flu consent form – even if you are turning it down. We need to know that you are aware your child is being offered the vaccination.

The flu vaccination is more important than ever this year because of COVID-19. The symptoms of flu can be mistaken for COVID-19 which means that flu could cause school bubbles to close if mistaken for COVID-19.

Intrahealth will be delivering the nasal sprays and they have a dedicated phone number. If you have any questions please call 0333 358 3397.



Many thanks to all who are utilising our booking service for both breakfast and tea time club. If you book a session you are no longer able to use then bookings will be refunded and an alternative booking can be made. Please ensure you book each child in for each day. PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER HALF TERM – THEREAFTER UNUSED SESSIONS WILL NOT BE CREDITED AS STAFF ARE ALLOCATED BASED ON NUMBERS.



Y4 have now commenced swimming - please pay for your swimming transport on SIMs Pay.