As a school we have considered very carefully what the children who attend Shawclough really need to develop. We have identified four key areas, which we have called our 'school drivers'. To ensure our drivers are at the heart of our curriculum this is what we will do this term.

As LEARNERS we will research and present personal topics about animals from two contrasting habitats, beginning with work at school and completing it at home.

We will complete weekly Maths and English homework. We will learn that it is always appropriate to ask for guidance and help from our friends, teachers and families. We will develop group success criteria to help us in our lessons and to check our own work and the work others.

As people who are concerned with OUR ENVIRONMENT we will enjoy our school grounds, study the animals and plants that live there, and learn how we can protect it.

As people who ENJOY LEARNING we will find information from a wide range of sources - books, discussions, newspapers, the internet, drawings, maps and photographs. We will present our work in a variety of ways  - writing, drawing, role play and discussions. Sometimes, we will work in pairs or groups or at other times independently. We will take part in Eid celebrations and the Christmas Concert.

As people who wish to be HEALTHY we will learn about our skeletons, our heart and lungs in science. Also we will learn about micro-organisms and the importance of personal hygiene. As a healthy school we will learn about the importance of exercise and making healthy food choices. In PSHCE we will discuss the transition to High School and be involved in anti-bullying week.

Follow the unit four blog to see what we have been learning.

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