Unit One children learn through play, exploring, investigating and by being creative.

In line with the foundation stage curriculum we have based our children's learning on first-hand experience. This will involve much time spent on outdoor activities and investigations as well as indoor tasks and experiences.



During the early years of childhood, children's development does vary enormously. This has implications for our planning which must be flexible to enable staff to respond to children’s interests and needs at their stage of development. There are seven areas of learning in which we will base our teaching. These areas are personal, social and emotional; communication and language; physical development, literacy, maths, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

Within the teaching and learning activities we are aiming at specific early learning goals. We provide a wide selection of activities which will offer a range of ways for the children to work towards the learning goals.  The curriculum also covers the appropriate part of the current seven-year education plan the school has planned for your child’s educational development.

As a school we have considered very carefully what the children of Shawclough really need to develop. We have identified four key areas which we have called our ‘school drivers’.

  1. To be independent learners
  2. To care about our community and environment
  3. To enjoy learning
  4. To be healthy

The four drivers will be covered in all of the seven areas of learning.

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