To ensure that our children see physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle and as part of everyday life.

The children should see physical activity as fun and see it as something that is available throughout the school day.  Be that by joining in with high quality PE lessons taught by highly skilled practitioners; after, before and at lunchtime clubs; or high quality break-time provision.

We as a school will cater for all abilities and interests by listening to our children’s preferences as to what sports we offer.

We have chosen to offer a variety of styles of activity in order for children to see exercise as fun, enjoyable and exhilarating.

Provision & Impact


- We have spent part of our PE grant on training members of staff.  This has improved both the confidence of staff and improved our ability to provide good quality teaching.

Outdoor Environment
- We have spent part of our grant on improving the outdoor environment for our Nursery children by replacing a role play area with a clambering net that will allow for gross motor development.
- We would also like  to install a multi-skills area in our playground.  Which  will be used during PE lessons to encourage a greater range of agility skills.

School Clubs

- We offer a variety of of school clubs and have enhanced this provision using the PE grant. This year we are focusing on "get active" for all age groups taught throughout the year.  We are also offering Bollywood Dance, freestyle football and Olympic sports over the year.  In addition to our team sports such as football, we have employed professional football coaches to enhance this provision for younger children.

- We are also working closely with the Falinge Hub to enter competitions such as badminton and cross country, which our children have done very well in.
- We have improved our equipment resources for table tennis by providing a Butterfly Table Tennis kit to use for a lunchtime club.
- We have also provided some smaller basketball nets that will allow younger children access to targeted practise.


To see how the 2017/18 sports grant has been allocated please click on the pdf link below



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