Unit One


In Reception we will introduce the school drivers through dinosaur toys. Each dinosaur will represent a Characteristic of Learning/ school driver. The dinosaurs are introduced 1 at a time. There are 2 each for the three areas. They will hatch out of an egg and then be introduced to the children by name e.g. Triatops. The children will then have a discussion about why he is called that and what that will look like in their learning. When the children demonstrate this in their learning they will be able to get the dinosaur they need and have a picture taken for their file. Underneath the picture we will also write what learning has taken place. The drivers will be discussed throughout lessons and continuous provision. 

Unit Two Drivers


In Unit Two we continue the good work of Unit One on the school drivers by focusing on one driver per half-term, We talk to the children about each driver in turn. Teacher's plans include activities which focus on the driver for that half-term. The staff plan lessons such as Market Place, Carousel activities and Learning Log tasks so the children can practise their skills. The staff observe the children and rewards are given in Friday assembly for those children who achieve the drivers.

Unit 2 drivers